Sales and Marketing Solution

Sales and Marketing Solution

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Now more than ever it is essential to stay ahead of your competitors. Building a strong sales and marketing function is therefore imperative to win business consistently and retain clients.

Competition is ever present and no company can afford to stand still. Our sales and marketing strategy keep you one step ahead of the competition, driving growth and profits.

Sales Force Performance

Your sales team is probably the largest sales cost you have, but of course they are the main driver for sales and profit. Your team must be as small as possible to effectively deliver the results you need and by analysing your current sales teams structures we will ensure the teams are as streamlined and effective as possible.

Sales Organization

It is imperative you have the right mix of sales organization. It is not unusual for clients to have a sales structure in place that has not changed in line with the business needs. We provide industry benchmarks to build, or rebuild, the best sales strategy for your business both now and in the future.


Many sales people are not great with Customer Relationship Management and yet it is is your company’s central source of business. CRM systems are absolutely essential to improving communication and follow up. We will identify the most effective CRM system for your business and work across the business, including with IT, to ensure the system integrates successfully with all stakeholders and maximises every sales opportunity.

Online Sales

Online channels are crucial to the success of the vast majority of customers. Depending on your industry, and who you wish to target, the channels chosen can make a huge difference to your success. The impact of digital channels can be extremely positive, but there is also the possibility they can harm your company if the strategy is not well thought out and executed. Our team will identify the channels you should be using and create a road map which will ensure success.

Every marketing step in the customers journey must be effective and lead to the desired sales outcome, whether it be pricing, products, or promotion. IG Consulting develops marketing strategies that are high effective, and which will out perform your competitors.

Marketing Performance

Many companies have marketing strategies where the spend is too scattered across too many channels, with poor measuring. This can lead to a weak ROI. Our aim is to increase your impact in relevant market segments, and improve your ROI significantly.

Customer Journey

With the explosion of digital, customers have greater access to information regarding your products than ever before, whether it be online or off-line. Every single touchpoint must be seamless and lead to the final positive outcome, a sale. This includes reviews and follow up. Customers will return if they have had a positive experience of the journey to the sale, but conversely anything negative can cause damage to your business that is sometime hard to shake off. We analyse every touchpoint your customer may meet in their journey with you, improving the interaction and creating happy customers.


Getting the pricing right is essential. Our consultancy services include a full pricing audit to give you a competitive edge whilst maximising your profits.